Prestige Oil Protoplasmin The new MICROACTIVE GOLD technology

Thanks to the new technology of MICRO-ACTIVE GOLD , mixed with natural ingredients and UV filter , the Prestige Oil Protoplasmin line is born, made up of high quality products that create a supreme beauty treatment for every type of hair that needs hydration, restructuring, shine and softness .

The flagship of Prestige Oil Protoplasmin is the NEW MICROACTIVE GOLD TECHNOLOGY that characterizes all the products of the line making them special and unique. Gold micromolecules penetrate the hair easily, increasing the shine of the hair and improving the structure of the stem.

The ACTIVE INGREDIENTS of the Prestige Oil Protoplasmin line are ARGAN OIL and CAMELIA OIL ; two natural active ingredients with many beneficial properties for the hair.

The results are already evident at the first application . Hair will find new life.

i PRODUCTS 10 and LODE line Prestige Oil protoplasmina are also ideal during the summer because they contain UV filter that protects hair from the sun’s rays; they also contain natural ingredients that provide the hair with the right nutrition.

Prestige Oil SHAMPOO with nourishing, illuminating action is also excellent as an antioxidant thanks to the Solar Filter . Soft, silky and shiny hair like gold. Natural ingredients: Olio Argan Oil and Oil Camelia .

Prestige ALL IN ONE is an intensive spray treatment without rinsing which gives vitality, nourishment, hydration, combability and softness in a single gesture, it also contains Solar Filter . Natural ingredients: Aragan Oil, Flax Seed .

Prestige OIL is an oil suitable for both hair and body , it helps to restore proper hydration, elasticity, softness, brightness, it also helps to regulate and eliminates frizz and electric hair. The selection of 3 natural oils:Olio Argan Oil , Corn Oil, Camellia Oil.

PREPARE YOUR HAIR FOR SUMMER with the supreme beauty treatment Prestige Oil Protoplasmin !! 😉

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