Moustache and beard scissors: selection features

Different from conventional tools

Beard and moustache scissors differ from the usual tailor’s sharp and elongated shape. Beard scissors are closer to manicure tools than paper or thread scissors.

The main condition for good blades is an even cut without chewing, kinking or pulling hairs. Usual blades do not have this effect: they are wide and not so sharp. You can cut your beard, mustache, eyebrows, sideburns with barbarian scissors.

For convenience, buy two pairs: with short (3 cm) and long (5-7 cm) blades. The first will help to even out individual hairs and carefully cut the mustache. The second one is necessary for cutting a long, thick beard.

If you wear 5 mm bristles, you can do with one short pair. The optimum length of the blades is 5 cm.

If the blades are too long, you could get hurt. They are uncomfortable with creases and cut the tips of the mustache. Rounded corners will prevent accidental wounds.


Hair on the beard and mustache is cut after washing and drying.

Haircut steps:

  • Comb your beard along the hairline with a comb (often included with scissors).
  • Define the contours of the hairstyle.
  • Trim your jawline.
  • Walk around the perimeter of the jaw towards the ears.

Gently trim curled and protruding hairs with thinning scissors. At the same time, move in the opposite direction – from the ear to the middle of the chin. Comb your beard as you work to see the result. It is better to trim the cheeks and neck with a trimmer.

The moustache is cut according to the same principle. Define the outline first, then add the border. Remember to periodically brush and remove loose hairs.

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