How to take care of blonde hair?

Blond hair is thinner and more delicate, especially on lengths and ends. Its structure is less thick than the dark hair, therefore, more vulnerable to mechanical and environmental aggression. Needs more specific care ..

Whether they are natural or bleached, blond hair needs some extra attention. Taking care of blonde hair does not have to be complicated, if you are a lover of blonde, I will help you find out what the right products are and how to use them to help you have the blonde you’ve always wanted.

What is the type of your blond hair?

Natural Hair:

If your blonde is natural you must moisturize and nourish the hair with creams that give thickness and that strengthen the tips to avoid breakage or split ends.

Hair with Meches:

If the hair has been chemically treated, it tends to be more porous, dull, dull and thinner and lose nourishment and brightness. Split ends may appear and hair may break.

Bleached Hair:

Same thing goes for hair that has been bleached, tend to be more dry, frizzy and can break more easily, losing elasticity and nourishment.

How are blonde hair made?

The pigments that characterize and color our hair are Eumelanin and Feomelanin , present in the bark, or the middle layer of the hair.

The light hair is often lacking in the marrow, the innermost layer of the hair, which makes it finer than the darker hair.

What do blond hair need?

We have noticed that blond hair is more delicate and that this peculiarity negatively affects the structure of the hair. The greatest damage to blond hair is caused by atmospheric agents, among these is the sun : the long solar exposures can ruffle, dry up, dry and brittle the hair.

One of the most effective solutions is to constantly undergo moisturizing treatments , able to restore nourishment, color brilliance and make them softer. It is also possible to strengthen the structure, preventing split ends, emptied hair and hair breakage.

I present to you the specific Nook Bfree Line for blond hair . It takes care of light hair in a delicate and light way, but at the same time, protecting them, moisturizing them and nourishing them in the right way.

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Nook Bfree is the daily treatment for the exaltation of beauty and the care of blond hair. A NEW and ADVANCED innovative formulation enhanced with:

  • Diamond: enhances shine and counteracts the oxidative process resulting from thermal or mechanical stress caused by excessive use of hot tools and environmental stresses such as smog, sun rays, external agents.
  • Silk proteins : rich in sericin, they give body, volume and lightness, leaving the hair a healthy and vital appearance. Repairs by acting on porous, mature and fine hair, itprotects the cuticles and allows the hair greater resistance to breakage, restructures, nourishes and moisturizes hair that is parched or used by chemical treatments.
  • Organic Grape Seed Oil : rich in natural antioxidants , Flavonoids and Linoleic Acid that help prevent hair aging by improving elasticity, hydration and enhancing shine. Neutralizes yellow reflections thanks to purple micro-pigments.

The benefits of the Nook BFree Treatment Program

  • Enhances the shine and brightness of the hair
  • Films, seals and protects lengths and ends
  • Provides nourishment and constant hydration
  • It gives silkiness and softness without weighing the hair down

I now present to you the Nook Bfree Line composed of 4 products:

STARLIGHT BLONDE SHAMPOO is an illuminating shampoo for blonde hair. Gently cleanses blond hair, bleached and with mechés.

Neutralizes unwanted yellow reflections, enhancing the blond’s shine. Ideal for frequent use even on gray and white hair. Its special formulation enriched with Diamond, Silk Protein and Organic Grape Seed Oil performs an effective antioxidant and restructuring action.

STARLIGHT BLONDE CONDITIONER is an illuminating conditioner for blonde hair. It detangles, moisturizes and nourishes blond, bleached and mechés hair. It gives silkiness and shine without weighing it down, enhancing the shine and neutralizing the unwanted yellow reflections. Also ideal for gray and white hair. Its special formulation enriched with Diamond, Silk Protein and Organic Grape Seed Oil performs an effective antioxidant and restructuring action.

STARLIGHT BLONDE SERUM is an illuminating serum for blonde hair. contrasting the yellow reflections. Gives intense shine and silkiness. Eliminates frizz, prevents split ends and protects against free radical damage. Also ideal for white and gray hair. Formulated with Diamond, Silk Protein, Organic Grape Seed Oil and UV Filter with an illuminating, antioxidant and regenerating action.

STARLIGHT BLONDE BI-PHASE CONDITIONER is a two-phase Conditioner for blonde hair. It detangles, nourishes and moisturizes blond, bleached hair and with streaks, counteracting yellow reflections. It gives intense shine, volume and combability without weighing it down. Formulated with Diamond, Silk Protein, Organic Grape Seed Oil and UV filter with illuminating, antioxidant and regenerating action.

Take care of your blonde hair with the right products and you will see the metamorphosis of your hair !! For splendid and excellent results Choose the Nook Bfree line . Finally the blond you’ve always wanted !!


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