How to protect your hair from the sun?

Summer and heat are approaching and many forget that hair , like skin, needs protection against the sun’s rays . Here’s how in a few simple steps you can enjoy your holidays in the sun without having to find yourself with dry, unmanageable and frizzy hair.

Summer, the heat, the holidays, the fun, the beaches, the swimming pool, the ice cream, the watermelon, the coconut, the shells, the palms, the umbrellas and the sunglasses … This is all that comes to me in mind thinking about summer .. BUT WE ARE NOT FORGETTING SOMETHING ???

Especially during the summer, hair always tends to become “straw”, the main cause is the sun; The UV rays penetrate into the stem damaging the hair structure and making it weak and sensitive. Other factors that tend to dry out the hair are salt and chlorine ; These elements are deposited on the surface of the hair in the form of tiny and microscopic salt crystals that attract the sun’s rays like a powerful magnifying glass.

But how to avoid damaging your hair? How to protect your hair from the sun?

  • Avoid exposing yourself to the sun in the hours where UV rays are most powerful, both your skin and your hair will benefit.
  • Protect your hair with protective sprays before exposing them to the sun and after each bath.
  • Protect the color of your hair with a protective color spray
  • Rinse your hair with cold water after each bath to remove salt and chlorine.
  • After a day in the sun, indulge in an after-sun treatment, including hair with nourishing and moisturizing shampoos and masks.

A few simple steps to keep your hair healthy and strong during the summer.

Happy holidays to all.

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