Hemp Shampoo: Benefits for skin and hair

For the uninitiated, are commercially available cosmetic products made from HEMP : Hemp Shampoo, creams Hemp and Hemp oil. But what properties and benefits can be obtained using these products? Let’s find out together ..


Evidence of the use of hemp has been experienced since Neolithic times thanks to the discovery of some fossilized seeds in a cave in Romania. The oldest artifact found is a piece of Hemp cloth dating back to 8000 BC

Cannabis has been providing excellent textile fiber for thousands of years and this is why I begin to grow it in ancient historical periods, in Asia and the Middle East. Chinese culture is mainly interested in the healing properties of this plant. Emperor Shen Nung, the father of Chinese medicine, used hemp in his pharmacopoeia, where he found the first description of this herb, dated 2700 BC It was mainly used in the form of a drink to cure internal pathologies, for toothache, pustules or lacerations in the throat.

Hemp cultivation was widespread in Mediterranean and central European areas . This plant grew on land that was difficult to grow. The cultivation of hemp for textile uses has an ancient tradition in Italy ; It is linked to the maritime sector , for the creation of ropes and sails and for domestic use for the creation of decorated tablecloths which, still today, continue to be sought-after objects.



The properties of Hemp seeds have been recognized by the Ministry of Health. Without THC , they are in fact rich in omega 6 and omega 3.

The nutrients contained in Hemp seeds favor the maintenance of a good state ofcardiovascular health , lower cholesterol levels, arterial pressure and strengthen the immune system.

The seeds of hemp are used in aesthetic and cosmetic as they help to keep skin hydrated and prevent acne also strengthen nails and hair , also improving the strength and clarity of the stem.

On the hair it has an intense restructuring and nourishing activity and it is also appreciated as a balancing agent for the greasy scalp , with dandruff, with dermatitis or milky crust. Hemp oil can also be used to reduce itching and inflammation and can be applied directly to the area to be treated, reducing discomfort more quickly and absorbing quickly without leaving traces of grease.

The vitamins B1 and b2 give softness to the skin and protect against free radicals and limit cell damage, mainly indicated for mature, dry and cracked.

Due to these characteristics, hemp oil is becoming the most effective product to combat skin deterioration and aging.

In hemp oil there are significant quantities of amino acids, essential for the proper functioning of the body, numerous vitamins, including A, E, B1, B2, PP, C, mineral salts such as iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, Phytosterols and Cannabinoids which, according to the most recent medical-scientific researches, have an important modulation function as regards the immune system and cognitive functions.

The new Canapa Hair Care Maika hair care product line has used the active ingredients of hemp seeds, coming from organic farming , to create 3 very effective products that promote the maintenance of hair well-being by improving health and structure.

Hemp Shampoo : Its function is to cleanse, moisturize, nourish and strengthen the hair.

Hemp Conditioner : Moisturizes, nourishes, seals and restructures lengths and ends, improving shine and softness.

Hemp Oil: Organic Oil of vegetable origin and vitamin E. It restructures the hair giving strength, nourishment and softness. Also excellent on the skin to give hydration and elasticity.

We have seen the properties of Hemp and the benefits that the products that contain this active ingredient bring. Nature always offers us good products that respect our skin and our skin, ENJOY IT !!

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