Hairstyles for Halloween: Color your hair for a night

Are you tired of your look and want to try new colors and shades but are afraid of ruining your hair? Want to impress your friends on Halloween night ?

With COLOR BUG Kevin Murphy everything is possible !!

The Color Bugs are colorful eye shadows for hair , ideal for any special evening or for the halloween party! These powder eye shadows are very easy to apply to the hair, I recommend you use gloves and put a towel on your shoulders to prevent stains from getting on your hands and clothes. The Color Bug should be applied from dry hair and to fix it better and get a long-lasting effect it is possible to apply before and after a bit of lacquer. The best shampoo for gray hair will be enough to remove the dust and the color will go away. Being powder eyeshadows can also use them for makeup.

Many colors at your disposal: Pink, Purple, Orange, Neon, Shimmer and the result:

Watch the video for a correct and lasting application of COLOR BUGS Kevin Murphy

Some ideas of hairstyles that can be created using Color Bugs and to show off on Halloween. Let off steam and create masks and hairstyles for scary and original Halloween !!

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