Are you having trouble finding your heart brush too? Forget the problem with these tips

There’s an ally in your locks you should open the hunt right now, in case you haven’t already. The hairbrush is the BFF that saves your hair, no matter what condition it’s in, whether it’s in the morning when you wake up or after a day when the humidity level has touched that of the Amazon forest. It’s the one that will do the magic your hair needs: it will distract the locks when the knots come to the comb (in every sense) and lower the frizz effect that makes you go crazy. We’ll get you ready right away: in order to choose the best hairbrush for you, you have to orient yourself in four ways: the material it’s made of, the shape, the length/type of your hair and the technology. Check the hairbrushes reviews on Mystraightener!

Best hairbrushes: the material, from wood to ceramic.

You have to start from some premises: when you’re looking for the best hairbrush around, you have to make an analysis of the materials it’s made of, because they handle the heat differently and therefore the effect of the crease on your locks. To give you some rough coordinates, know that there are wooden hair brushes, ceramic hair brushes, boar bristles, metal hair brushes, plastic hair brushes.

You should base your choice on your hair type because, for example, plastic brushes tend to increase the electrostatic effect, while ceramic brushes spread heat well and are functional to make a crease more easily. Brushes with natural or nylon bristles have an advantage over all: if your hair is fine and tends to tie knots, they untangle it without breaking it.

Better hair brushes: the shape

After this first feature you have to analyze another one: the shape of the hair brushes. Here too there are many types that you can juggle: there are round ones, square ones, narrow and long ones and the (strangest) comma-shaped ones. Betting on one or the other is not a question of aesthetics for your beauty case, and here we come to the other feature to analyze, namely the length and type of your hair.

Better hairbrushes: according to the length and type of your hair

Is your hair short or long? Curly, straight or slightly wavy? Choosing the right brush based on these characteristics means looking at two elements together: the shape of the brush and the material it is made of, which also includes the bristles. For curly hair, for example, the ideal brush is a square brush, preferably with short, shaved bristles, so that you can manage more voluminous sections of hair. For cylindrical brushes, the principle of choice to be applied must be based on the length of your hair: the shorter they are, the narrower the diameter.

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