Aloe Vera Shampoo: Benefits for skin and hair

L ‘ Aloe Vera is the plant currently most used in cosmetics for its multiple properties. From the leaves of this plant we extract the precious juice with multiple beneficial and therapeutic properties for our body and our hair.

Aloe Vera, whose scientific name is Aloe Barbadensis , is a plant with fleshy and thorny leaves. It is used as a natural remedy for numerous skin problems.


Its therapeutic properties derive in particular from the bitter gel contained in its leaves which in history has been used by numerous populations.

Greeks and Romans knew very well the therapeutic properties of Aloe, which was used above all for the wounds suffered by soldiers during battles. Even the Egyptian Pharaohsconsidered the Aloe an elixir of long life and in their tombs furnishings were found containing the extract of this plant.


Aloe vera has a great capacity to retain water, so it is effective in bringing back moisture to dehydrated and dry hair . It has an extraordinary ability to penetrate into the deeper layers of the hair, thus stimulating repair and regeneration . It guarantees an antibacterial and antifungal activity leaving the skin clean and freeing it from impurities and excess sebum . Aloe Vera has soothing and calming properties , therefore, an excellent remedy for those with irritated or sensitive skin .

Aloe Vera is used to combat early hair loss . It is widely used in trichological treatments due to its nourishing and anti-oxidant properties which help to fortify the hair and scalp. The early fall is not caused only by hereditary factors but can also be caused by the excess of sebum on the skin, by the change of season and other multiple causes that determine the thinning of the foliage; one in particular is …


The main cause of thinning hair is miniaturization. Phenomena such as androgenetic or seborrheic alopecia , in fact, prevent the hair from developing properly making them thin, counteracting miniaturization is therefore the first step to slow down the fall process and have healthy hair.

To block miniaturization it is recommended to use natural based products able to assist the healthy growth of the hair without having contraindications for our health. In trichology it is common to use Aloe Vera due to its nourishing and fortifying properties that help the hair to develop in its life stages. In professional trichological treatments , specific products for restoring the hydrolipidic film are combined through the use of scalp massages.

The new line of Bio hair products Aloe Care Maika has used the active ingredients of Aloe Vera leaves to create 4 Natural products that take care of the well-being of your hair and your body .

The products of the Bio Aloe Care Maika line are composed of Organic Aloe Barbadensis formulated with Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate from a vegetable eco-certified plant . They have not been tested on animals and do not contain SLS, Parrabeni, DEA and PEG .

Aloe Shampoo : Gently cleanses hair and body. Ideal for exploited hair and red skin caused by sun exposure.

Aloe Conditioner : Softens hair by providing moisture without weighing it down. Also suitable for daily use.

Conditioner without rinsing with Aloe : Moisturizes and softens thanks to the keratin present among the active ingredients. Ideal for brittle hair exposed to the sun or chlorine.

Aloe gel : It makes the skin healthier and cures imperfections, inflammations or skin redness. The Gel is formulated together with substances also used in the food field so it is totally absorbed and assimilated by the skin. Excellent as Regenerating, Healing, Detoxifying and Soothing.

The best remedies for the care of our body and our hair often come directly from Nature. Take advantage of it !!

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