3 reasons to choose an ion hair dryer

I will explain in three simple points the main differences between a traditional hair dryer and an ion hair dryer:

  1. The ion hair dryer dries faster and with less energy waste
  2. The ion hair dryer makes the hair more voluminous and hydrated
  3. The ionizing technology does not dry the water but it breaks the molecules making them then absorbed by the hair For this reason, once we are done, we will find the hair softer and more shiny.

The excessive heat of the traditional hair dryer risks breaking the hair during drying, making it also very dry and difficult to comb, the “ionized” hair on the contrary is much more treatable and does not require the excessive use of treatments to make it bulky. There are several models in circulation, we have evaluated one of the semi-professional range:

  • the Gama A21.LEGGEROION.4D is a hair dryer with a power of 2400 watts, dries the hair very quickly and with low energy consumption, it is equipped with 2 professional jets + diffuser. Presents 6 combinations of 3 temperatures and 2 speeds and the shot of cold air. Since the first use of the Leggero Ozone Ion 4D g ion hair dryer , emanating constantly in high quantity during the use of the hair dryer, reconstructs the hair, increasing its elasticity and brilliance.

What to say, a great product that will give you satisfaction! If you want to evaluate other hair dryers.

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