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Write A Letter Today

Our experience at the Media Awareness Project, www.mapinc.org, shows that placing a Letter to the Editor (LTE) in a newspaper carries an equivalent advertising value measured by how much it would cost to buy a similar amount of space for an advertising message.

The average Equivalent Ad Value for a printed LTE is $1000 depending on the circulation of the newspaper.

Thus, writing and getting a letter printed in a newspaper can be one of the most valuable contributions the average citizen can make to any civic activism.

This is especially true when the topic is drug policy because for over 25 years the DEA and other drug war supporters - notably public officials on the payroll - were the only voices heard in most newspapers.

But since our inception ten years ago, MAP has played a major part in seeing almost 20,000 separate LTEs being printed in North America and other countries that promote one or more aspects of reforming the failed status-quo policies of the Drug War. Over the past several years, reform-oriented LTEs outnumber LTEs supporting the status-quo by over 3 to 1.

The best part about contributing to reform in this fashion is it takes no capital outlay and costs 'nothing' more than the price of a computer/keyboard and an internet connection.

For a handy and very useful resource that can help you get more LTEs printed in your local newspapers as well as other newspapers in Florida and the U.S. please visit the MAP Media Activism Center, www.mapinc.org/resource.

Our list of Florida's most active newspapers includes email contact information and makes finding LTE targets easy.

You can also use our list of Floridians who have already learned the craft and have had success, www.dpffl.org/publtes.htm.

We Would Love To Add YOUR Name!

Steve in Clearwater,
MAP Media Activism Facilitator

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