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DPF Florida Mission:


DPF Florida members believe that drug related problems threaten our children's future and weaken our entire nation. We promote scientific and truthful evaluation of current and proposed policies aimed at controlling traffic in all types of drugs.

Drug prohibition has cost hundreds of billions of local, state and federal tax dollars, while clogging courts and severely encroaching on everyone's freedom. Prohibition also creates profits that fuel organized crime, corruption, and gang warfare, while actually increasing children's access to drugs.

Politicians have long insisted that success is just around the corner and they promise to solve the drug problem if they have more money and more power, but drug abuse is higher now than it was 35 years ago.

DPF Florida urges reconsidering laws that were based on fear and misinformation. We ask our government to discuss more effective policies that increase our children's safety while protecting our rights and meeting public health needs.

To better acheive these aims, the DPF Florida offers the following services

  • Sponsors public lectures and debates on drug policy matters.
  • Arranges speakers for civic groups and special functions.
  • Works with the media to improve accuracy of published information.
  • Creates and sponsors regular advertising in general media outlets which promotes reform of current drug policies.

  • Educates, by directly distributing pamphlets and other materials.
  • Provides information to legislators at local, state, and federal levels
  • Answers questions received by letter, telephone, fax or e-mail.

  • Maintains a library of tapes and books dealing with drug issues.
  • Maintains an Internet site for rapid distribution of information.
  • Communicates with drug reform organizations around the World.

Please contact Stephen Heath heath@mapinc.org Public Relations Director for more details on any of the items above.

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