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DPF Florida Speakers Bureau:

"Force is not the only way to change behavior, education and example can be powerful weapons." Jim Doherty, LEAP representative

Know the War on Drugs

Here is a list of some of the most knowledgeable persons in the State of Florida regarding the harms associated with Drug Prohibition. The US Drug War has been exported around the world, affecting our foreign policy, putting soldiers in harms way and creating a multi-billion dollar world wide black market. While the impact of drug abuse on families can be devastating, the impact of US Drug Policy has led to a society riddled with illegal drug money, an ever rising drug related murder rate and the corruption of law enforcement and political figures.

By contacting the speakers in your area about alternatives to the current Drug Policy, you are exploring issues that touch upon prison overcrowding, the doctor patient relationship, alternative therapies, property and state rights, person autonomy over ones body and the connection between civil liberties and drug laws.

Many of these speakers are available to speak outside their area. Click on the link to find their speciaties, biographical data and contact information.

Select Speaker to view details Speaker's Location
Richard Amos, From Drug War Soldier to Anti-Prohibitionist Melbourne
Kevin Aplin, Civil Liberties and the slippery slope known as the War on Drugs Melbourne
Jerry Cameron, Former Police Chief just says "No" to the War on Drugs St. Augustine
John Chase, Prohibition Twice Failed: Alcohol and now Drugs St. Petersburg
Marshall Frank, When Drug Laws Fail, There is An Answer Rockledge
Steve Heath, Media Activism and Substance Abuse Recovery Clearwater
Jodi James, Knowledge is Power; Individuals CAN Make a Difference Melbourne
Catherine Jordan, Medical Marijuana Miracle Bradenton
Julia Onnie-Hay, Finding Healing in Psychedelics Sarasota

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